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We are proud to announce the Newest Competition event at The 2015 All Star Games! ACRO! The artistry and athleticism of this event is amazing. Acrobatic Gymnasts will perform eye-popping balances while showing off their supreme flexibility and agility in powerfully choreographed routines. Acrobatics also includes daring high flying throws and catches unlike any other sport. Acro will be unleashed on the Games. More Acro Info

The All Star Games Team Cheer Category is the evolution of cheer. Divisions (instead of levels) 1-5 each compete for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. The Solo Cheer category gives individuals the chance to showcase the best of their skills as a cheer athlete. Those who excel in tumbling, dance, jumps, and performance will all compete in one category for the Gold!
Team Cheer | Solo Cheer

The Stunt Category gives athletes a new opportunity to showcase all their stunt building talents. Focusing on stunts, pyramids, and baskets, mixed with amazing transitions, this category challenges athletes to hone their technique and artistry. The Stunt Category is infused with creativity. Choreography holds the routines together, with transitional elements being key to scoring and performance.
Team Stunt | Partner Stunt | Group Stunt

Pairs of tumblers or Teams of Six to ten members create The NEW Synchronized Tumbling! Groups compete at the highest level of precision and technique. Highlighting timing, endurance, and creative movements, this is a completely new Category for everyone to enjoy. Performance will be the key and the crowds will be awed by this category of our sport spectacle.
Team Synchro 5.0 | Team Synchro 5 | Pairs Synchro 5.0 | Pairs Synchro 5

Tricking is an amazing sport full of athletic form of artistic expression. It combines kicking, flipping, twisting and groundwork movements from various martial arts such as Wushu, Taekwondo, and Capoiera and fuses them with other acrobatic sports and art forms such as Gymnastics and break dancing. Only the best trickers of the world will make it to the Games stage.
More Info on Tricking

This Extreme event will knock your socks off with high flying, quick and powerful tumbling passes by the Elite tumblers of the World. Compete as Extreme Tumblers or Power Tumblers – The no holds barred action will blow your mind as these powerful athletes float across The Games Rod Floor, through the audience with grace and power!
Power Tumbling | Extreme Tumbling