The inaugural year of The All Star Games garnered attention from all over the world. This event is unique in that it houses Aerial Sports from different disciplines in one 2 stage arena. We encourage the creativity and growth of all these sports, but more importantly, The Games is a laboratory designed to see what happens when these events begin to inspire each other.

Tricking Registration is Now Open

Please only register 1 athlete at a time. To register multiple athletes on one payment, complete the product fields on the next page, click add to cart and continue shopping to fill out the fields again.

1 vs 1 – Elimination/Finals Rounds

  • Each athlete will get two total passes. At the end of these passes the 3 judges will choose a winner
    based on the following skill sets performed:
    – Kicking
    – Difficulty
    – Overall Performance
  • Judges will then point to the winner.
  • In the event of a tie, each tricker will have a sudden death pass.
  • Top 8 will qualify into the finals.
  • Finals will be a top 16 tournament.

2 vs 2 / 3 vs 3 – Elimination Rounds/Finals Rounds

  • Each team can be composed of 2 or 3 members.
  • Each team will get 5 passes,
    • 2 Freestyle passes, anything of your choosing
    • 2 Synchro Pass including all team members. Must start and finish battle with a synchro pass
    • 1 pass involving at least one athlete jumping over a teammate.
    • Rounds do not have to be in order besides team syncro passes, however emphasis and scores will be heavily dictated how the team performs as a whole.
  • Judges will point to winning team after battle.
  • In the event of a tie. Teams will choose 1 person to compete in a 30 sec sudden death battle.
  • Judges will point to winners in the event of a tie.
  • Top 6 teams will enter finals on Day Two.

  • You need to check into your divisions at least 15 minutes before division starts.
  • Divisions will start ON TIME and there will be no exceptions for athlete tardiness.
  • In the event you are late, you will be disqualified and no refunds will be given.
  • All Winners must stay through the award ceremony to claim prizes.
  • No inappropriate apparel will be tolerated as we are an all ages show.
  • There is no tolerance for having or using drugs/drug paraphernalia on competition property. If found
    you will be automatically disqualified and escorted off premises.
  • All athletes are expected to present themselves and act in a professional manner.
  • Nightime show finalists may be required to show for rehearsal. If this is unattended you will not
    compete in the finals.